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The County of Quilting: Chicks With Chai Takeover

Written by Chicks With Chai

Birdsong is family

Family is family. Doesn’t matter how you’re connected. You’re family. This is true for everyone involved at Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery and Crafts in downtown Georgetown, Kentucky. Birdsong has a new owner, Shannon Burns, but still has familiar faces walking around, ringing people up, and teaching classes. “Crissi has been with the business for almost two years and will graciously carry forward her experience,” said owner, Shannon Burns. “She is an artist and brings a lot of creativity to our fabric section.”

Crissi is the previous owner’s daughter and has decided to stay on as a full-time employee. But Crissi isn’t the only one sticking around. Her two-year-old daughter, Prudence, can be found wandering around following Dallas, the well-behaved shop dog that comes to the shop on a regular basis. You can also find Shannon’s daughter, Jennifer, who everyone seems to know by name already. “Family is important. Community is important. Without either, you won’t succeed,” said Shannon.

You can find customers of all ages walking through the aisles of fabric and machines at Birdsong Quilting, Embroidery, and Crafts. “We are more than a quilting community. We are here to help our embroiderers build their businesses, we are here to teach beginners how to sew and how to use their machines, and we are here for support. We are here for every level and every interest, not just quilting,” said owner Shannon Burns.

And there is a lot to learn at Birdsong. Classes offered include classes for every level, and not just quilting, and of course the sit n’ sews that are a popular place to learn and trade secrets. “Sit N’ Sews are for quilters, sewers and embroiderers to get together and have a sewing experience together. We want to create a community,” Shannon said. And a strong community they have. You can walk in at any moment and see a customer cutting fabric for another customer, or answering questions a newbie might have. “We really enjoy what we do and we love sharing our knowledge. That includes our customers. Our teachers are our customers. We all learn from each other,” said Shannon.

Quilting in Scott County

Some of those teachers have been quilting for some time and are a part of the 15th Annual Quilt Show being held at the Georgetown/Scott County Museum through the end of the month. The Elkhorn Creek Quilters are a special interest club of the Scott County Extension Service Homemakers and are hosting the display. They always have a member there to answer any questions you may have, which I thought was so wonderful, because I had quite a few. When I went to visit, I met Mrs. Earlene Arnett who gave me all sorts of useful information. When asked about the club and how one was qualified to join, she said, “We are all your cheerleader. There is no quilting police. We are all here to help each other.”

This year’s theme was Black and White + 1 (color). Each person picked a color swatch from the pile and was challenged to sew using only black and white and that one color. And there were some amazing interpretations. Like art, everyone saw it differently. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but every one of these is beautiful,” said Earlene.

Celebrating Quilting

This quilt show comes during the month that World Quilting Day is celebrated. It is more celebrated nationally, but it is known world-wide and will be celebrated on March 18. According to the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society’s website, Quilter’s Day Out started right here in Kentucky and was recognized nationally two years later in 1992. How can you not celebrate that? There will be a “Quilter’s Day Out” in Lexington at the extension office, and Birdsong will have a booth along with 9 other exhibitors this Saturday. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and cost ten dollars. There will be everything from scissor sharpening to food trucks to demos. And don’t forget the speakers from Tennessee! It will surely be a day filled with a lot of information and a lot of inspiration.

There will also be National Quilt Day at the Jailer’s House Gallery here in Scott County at the Scott County/Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center. The event is Saturday, March 18 , 20  17, 10 to 6 p.m., and is called “Patchworks “Past. Present, Future””. It will feature multiple artists and will be a great display of talent.

Quilting Community

There is a great quilting community here in Scott County. There are 63 quilters and sewers on the Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild roster, said Earlene, a number that has grown quite a bit over the years because of Birdsong bringing awareness to the group. “Birdsong has been quite a large part of the community,” she said. “I love having it here,” she said. I think we all do!

This post was written by Chicks With Chai – Two local chicks blogging about all things Georgetown/Scott County. Visit their website www.chickswithchai.com or follow them on social media @chickswithchai to see what they are up to next!

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Celebrating St. Pat’s Day Where The Lucky Live

Have your green attire ready with no place to go? Look no further – Georgetown can be your one stop party for St. Paddy’s Day! Celebrate the luck of the Irish with drinks, food, and music at these local favorites.

Slainte Public House

What’s better on Saint Patrick’s Day than an Irish inspired pub? Start your festivities early at Slainte Public House as they open to the public at 11:30 a.m. with special green cocktails paired with live music. You’ll even catch a few Guinness Girls walking around the pub passing out free merchandise in celebration of this glorious day!


Do as the locals do and spend your night at Galvin’s on Main for St. Paddy’s Day! Their shirts say it all – “If you’re in the need to go out on a lash, hop over to Galvin’s where we’re having a bash!” Grab THIS SHIRT and your PARTY PANTS before Friday!

Country Boy Brewing

St. Patrick’s Day AND the NCAA March Madness game on Friday… What could make us any luckier? Sip on the Stampin’ Ground Nitro Stout, Country Boy’s classic Irish pint edition, for only $2 while watching your favorite Kentucky team play for the {pot of} gold!


I’ve heard Irish food pairs well with GREEN beer. Stop in Wilshire’s Friday and Saturday for dinner and get your Saint Patrick’s Day fix with specials that will have you wishing for this day all year round!

Red State Taps

Interested in yummy BBQ, cold drinks, and live music to kick-off St. Pat’s Day? Red State Taps is your destination for a good time on Friday. Bring the whole gang for a pitcher of GREEN beer and keltic/classic rock tunes performed by Chung Yen Twins starting at 6 p.m.!

We wish everyone the best of {luck} on this spirited & GREEN occasion… Cheers! ?

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Love Your Downtown Georgetown – Part 2: Chicks With Chai Takeover

Written by Chicks With Chai
Not sure whose idea it was to do the Love Your Downtown — Passport 2017 event in downtown Georgetown, but whomever it was is a genius!!! We had so much fun over the course of the month visiting places in downtown Georgetown, KY. I drive past often, but I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t go downtown as much as I should. Usually I might go for a specific item or to meet someone, but it was wonderful going in all the stores on a Saturday afternoon without being in a rush, meeting some of the store owners and forging new friendships which you know we’re all about!

There are several things I liked about this concept. I thought the motivation of being entered to win a gift basket full of donated items from the downtown stores was such a good idea. I think looking back now we would have gone without the idea of a possible prize at the end! Participating merchants would initial your passport by their store name and when you collected eight or more signatures, you turned your passport in to be entered for the chance to win the gift basket.

miss behaven
One of the first stores we went into was Miss Behaven (which we liked so much we had to go back to make additional purchases!) Every store we visited had such a variety of items: clothes, jewelry, handbags, and such cute home decor. It was refreshing getting to stroll and shop without having to be somewhere else. We realized very quickly that this could be a very expensive day for us — every store we visited we bought things!!!

downtown georgetown KY

Next on our list was Em+Me, which not only had such amazing clothing and accessories, but was decorated SO CUTE!!!! We stayed and chatted in there for awhile. We’re chatty people. A few of the other stores we visited were Unique Gifts & More, where we had been before and loved (check out our Lovely Locals post on Unique Gifts & More) and Adorabelles, which was new for us but such a pleasure to visit!!!!

What was nice about being in downtown Georgetown was that we parked once and could walk to so many places. The weather was prefect on the days we were out and about and we even stopped by to eat with friends who were at the new Galvin’s on Main (we recommend the fried pickles!). I liked that we didn’t have to pack in a ton of places in one day, that we could do a few each time and really browse and visit without being in a hurry. I liked visiting stores I had either never been in before or wondered what they were and just had never ventured in prior to Love Your Downtown Georgetown — Passport to Love. And I have to admit — I did love it!!! Getting to spend time with Tricia where we weren’t pressed for time was great. It’s hard for us to be leisurely, but when you’re in downtown Georgetown, KY, it brings out the leisure in everyone!

This post was written by Chicks With Chai – Two local chicks blogging about all things Georgetown/Scott County. Visit their website www.chickswithchai.com or follow them on social media @chickswithchai to see what they are up to next!

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The People & Purpose Behind The Pub: The Slainte Public House

It’s a cold evening in Georgetown and Matt Nunn has just finished his workday at Toyota Tsusho. He heads to meet his wife Ashley at their favorite spot in town, Slainte Public House, an Irish inspired pub that the couple owns and operates. They grab a cold one from the bar, take a seat on the leather chairs by the fireplace, and blend into the wholesome conversations of Georgetown locals.

Matt and Ashley Nunn opened the Slainte Public House (aka The Pub) in late August 2016 with hopes of creating a community-centered business for the Georgetown area. After taking a trip to Ireland, renting a car and stopping at all the local spots, the couple came back inspired by each pubs friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Pictured: Ashley & Matt during their trip to Ireland

“Pub’s are completely different in Ireland than they are in America,” says Ashley. “People don’t normally hangout at each others houses like they do here; they meet up with their neighbors at a local pub and do their talking. That’s the kind of experience we want with our pub for the Georgetown community.”

After returning from their trip abroad, the Nunn’s plans to establish the first bar in Scott County in over 100 years fell right into place. One of the first tasks when starting a new business – come up with a super cool name. They decided to name the pub after the popular Irish toast to “Slainte” (slahn-cha) which means good health in Irish Gaelic.

The Pub’s location at 320 E Main St. holds more than just drinks and lively Georgetown’ers; it contains over 200 years of history. Constructed in the late 1700’s, the building is considered one of the oldest in Georgetown. This historical spot was once used as a communal spring and held mass for the nearby Catholic Church. It’s original owners even opposed the outlawing of alcohol in the town pre-prohibition – How fitting?

Besides owning the only Irish inspired bar in downtown, the Nunn’s are beloved parents and active churchgoers. Matt is not only the Pub’s beer connoisseur, but also works full-time at Toyota Tsusho America and is an active member of the Kentucky National Guard. Ashley, who works as a dental hygienist and beloved mother of two, is known as “the face” of the Pub as she decides the décor, plans the events, and chats with the regulars at the bar.

One of the hardest things for any small-town business is separating work from family life. “We want to own our business, not be our business,” said Ashley when asked about juggling such a busy schedule. “We hired an awesome staff so that we could enjoy life and the Pub separately.” The trusted staff at Slainte Public House has been known to attend bible studies ran by the Nunn’s and even hosted their own Thanksgiving potluck with some of the bar’s regulars during the holidays. {Sounds like the Nunn’s are accomplishing their community-centered business goal!}

The Nunn’s have been residents of Georgetown for over 10 years and have seen it flourish from a little college town to one of the fastest growing cities in Kentucky. They understand the importance of being a part of the community. One of the FAQ’s asked by customers visiting the Slainte Public House is why they don’t serve food onsite. The passionate response made by the Nunn’s contains the Pub’s need to stay a loyal community partner. “Think of Georgetown businesses as a community pie,” says Matt. “We want to work together and enjoy the pie together, not just take our slice and run.” The Pub encourages customers to stop in downtown restaurants for a nice meal or grab it to go and enjoy it there. In hopes to help hungry customers, Fava’s Restaurant recently partnered with the Pub to develop a “Pub Fare” menu that delivers to those needing something to munch on while drinking. {One can also often find food trucks parked outside the Pub with unique cuisine options such as Go Go Burgers and Salsaritas!}

Whether you have a favorite beer or enjoy trying the new local brew, the Pub prides itself in its ever-changing beer selections. Every night of the week contains a different drink special, such as their Monday “Facetime” deal where customers hand over their cellphone to the bartender and receive 20% off of their total bill. {Real interaction – Who’s up for the challenge?} Looking for live music while enjoying your cold one? You can catch local bands playing hit tunes on the weekends. Check the Slainte Public House Facebook page for an updated tap menu and live music schedule.

The future for the Slainte Public House is bright in Downtown Georgetown. With the warmer months fast approaching, the Nunn’s look forward to reopening their outside patio for picnics and lively music. The Pub’s upstairs area will open soon for additional seating and rentable event space. Oh and don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Pub’s big St Patrick’s Day event “Kegs & Eggs”! Enjoy a full day of Irish inspired food, music & beer, as well as Guinness pouring sessions and lots of giveaways! Contact Ashley for tickets at 859-797-3840 before they are all gone!

After learning about the kind people and the inspirational purpose behind the Pub, why not stop in? If you are interested in a quality beverage after a stressful workday or live music coinciding with cheery conversations on a Saturday night, the Slainte Public House should be your next downtown Georgetown destination.

The Slainte Public House is located at 320 E Main Street in downtown Georgetown and open Monday – Saturday from 3 to 11:45 p.m. You can visit their Facebook page @slaintepublichouse for the latest tap menu and event listings.

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Love Your Downtown Georgetown: Chicks With Chai Takeover

Written by Chicks With Chai

It’s February. The month of love. We all have our own definitions and thoughts when it comes to love. We think about our significant others, our children and our families. But what about the love for your town? Have you thought about how to show your love to the town of Georgetown? This year, the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Commission has come up with a way for you to show your love to downtown Georgetown in a unique and fun way!

Over 20 downtown businesses including restaurants, fashion boutiques and beauty salons have all decided to participate in the “scavenger hunt” of love. As you walk from store to store, you collect initials as you visit and meet new people who work and own the businesses in downtown Georgetown. After collecting eight signatures, your passport is considered complete and you can submit it for a chance to win the grand prize! But why stop at 8? There are over 20 places on there for you to visit, making that at least 20 new people you can meet!

Collecting Our Passports

As we walked into Miss Behaven on Saturday, the smell of home wafted through the air. We had simply gone in there to collect our passport and be on our merry way, but yeah right. That didn’t happen. The lovely woman at the front counter chatted with us for a bit as we made our way around the store. We found ourselves in the back perusing the sale rack… oh gosh. I am sure you can figure out what happened next!

We somehow ended up in Unique Gifts & More, one of our favorites. I think it is a rule that we can’t leave downtown Georgetown without walking in to see if Steven is working and what latest items he has for us to look at! A warm “hello” comes from behind the counter as we walk in. A welcoming smell hits our nose as we make our way to the back of the store. Unique Gifts & More is participating in the Love Your Downtown program and we wanted that signature! “It excites me to be a part of it,” said Steven Wiglesworth, owner of Unique Gifts & More. “It allows people to know all that is available in downtown Georgetown,” he said.

Surprisingly, Steven informed us that most of his shoppers are from out of town. “So hopefully this will get people out and get them to shop local,” he said. For sure! Why go to Lexington or Louisville when you have some of the cutest boutiques around in YOUR downtown Georgetown?

We look forward to exploring our downtown Georgetown and all it has to offer. I am sure we will collect more than 8 signatures! We hope you will participate and support your local economy and your local community.

Have fun!

This post was written by Chicks With Chai – Two local chicks blogging about all things Georgetown/Scott County. Visit their website www.chickswithchai.com or follow them on social media @chickswithchai to see what they are up to next!

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Tourism’s 2017 Resolutions

A new year requires a new YOU, right?

No need for a full workout routine or strict meal plan this new year when you can join us in Georgetown/Scott County Tourism’s 2017 Resolutions! 

 Pictured at Red State Taps

#1 – EAT LOCAL: Stop spending your money on processed food made by multi-million dollar companies and purchase your goods from local resources at the Georgetown Farmers Market. Spend date night eating out at our culinary restaurants downtown, such as Local Feed or Rodney’s on Broadway, to experience that southern-style cooking you can’t get at any chain.

Pictured at Miss Behaven

#2 – SHOP LOCAL: Did you know that spending your money at a local business improves the local economy? Get your initials embroidered on your favorite sweater at Em & Me Boutique or pick up all your stained glass needs at Heirlooms & Gretchens. Find that unique anniversary or birthday gift at your downtown merchant shops rather than an overpriced department store.

Pictured at the 2016 Festival of the Horse

#3 – PARTICIPATE IN A COMMUNITY EVENT AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH: Get the family out of the house (and out of your hair), and bring them together at a local Georgetown event! Join us during summertime for Tourism’s Party on the Square series, featuring live music & cold brews, or catch us during winter nights at the annual Southern Lights Stroll! Follow us on social media to stay up to date on events hosted by tourism and/or other community entities.

Pictured at AMEN House

#4 – GIVE BACK YOUR TIME OR TREASURE: Give your time to those in need by volunteering a few hours of your week at the Scott County Humane Society or animal shelter. No time? Help your community with your treasures by donating any gently worn clothing and non-perishable food items to the Scott County AMEN house.

Pictured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Kentucky

#5 – TOUR YOUR TOWN: Scott County is home to many one-of-a-kind attractions that most residents don’t take the time to enjoy. Tour Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement farm, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, and Ward Hall in year 2017. Understanding what is right in your own area can help you appreciate what the rest of the world has to offer!

It may be a new year but Georgetown continues to maintain it’s pure small-town charm!


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