The People & Purpose Behind The Pub: The Slainte Public House

It’s a cold evening in Georgetown and Matt Nunn has just finished his workday at Toyota Tsusho. He heads to meet his wife Ashley at their favorite spot in town, Slainte Public House, an Irish inspired pub that the couple owns and operates. They grab a cold one from the bar, take a seat on the leather chairs by the fireplace, and blend into the wholesome conversations of Georgetown locals.

Matt and Ashley Nunn opened the Slainte Public House (aka The Pub) in late August 2016 with hopes of creating a community-centered business for the Georgetown area. After taking a trip to Ireland, renting a car and stopping at all the local spots, the couple came back inspired by each pubs friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Pictured: Ashley & Matt during their trip to Ireland

“Pub’s are completely different in Ireland than they are in America,” says Ashley. “People don’t normally hangout at each others houses like they do here; they meet up with their neighbors at a local pub and do their talking. That’s the kind of experience we want with our pub for the Georgetown community.”

After returning from their trip abroad, the Nunn’s plans to establish the first bar in Scott County in over 100 years fell right into place. One of the first tasks when starting a new business – come up with a super cool name. They decided to name the pub after the popular Irish toast to “Slainte” (slahn-cha) which means good health in Irish Gaelic.

The Pub’s location at 320 E Main St. holds more than just drinks and lively Georgetown’ers; it contains over 200 years of history. Constructed in the late 1700’s, the building is considered one of the oldest in Georgetown. This historical spot was once used as a communal spring and held mass for the nearby Catholic Church. It’s original owners even opposed the outlawing of alcohol in the town pre-prohibition – How fitting?

Besides owning the only Irish inspired bar in downtown, the Nunn’s are beloved parents and active churchgoers. Matt is not only the Pub’s beer connoisseur, but also works full-time at Toyota Tsusho America and is an active member of the Kentucky National Guard. Ashley, who works as a dental hygienist and beloved mother of two, is known as “the face” of the Pub as she decides the décor, plans the events, and chats with the regulars at the bar.

One of the hardest things for any small-town business is separating work from family life. “We want to own our business, not be our business,” said Ashley when asked about juggling such a busy schedule. “We hired an awesome staff so that we could enjoy life and the Pub separately.” The trusted staff at Slainte Public House has been known to attend bible studies ran by the Nunn’s and even hosted their own Thanksgiving potluck with some of the bar’s regulars during the holidays. {Sounds like the Nunn’s are accomplishing their community-centered business goal!}

The Nunn’s have been residents of Georgetown for over 10 years and have seen it flourish from a little college town to one of the fastest growing cities in Kentucky. They understand the importance of being a part of the community. One of the FAQ’s asked by customers visiting the Slainte Public House is why they don’t serve food onsite. The passionate response made by the Nunn’s contains the Pub’s need to stay a loyal community partner. “Think of Georgetown businesses as a community pie,” says Matt. “We want to work together and enjoy the pie together, not just take our slice and run.” The Pub encourages customers to stop in downtown restaurants for a nice meal or grab it to go and enjoy it there. In hopes to help hungry customers, Fava’s Restaurant recently partnered with the Pub to develop a “Pub Fare” menu that delivers to those needing something to munch on while drinking. {One can also often find food trucks parked outside the Pub with unique cuisine options such as Go Go Burgers and Salsaritas!}

Whether you have a favorite beer or enjoy trying the new local brew, the Pub prides itself in its ever-changing beer selections. Every night of the week contains a different drink special, such as their Monday “Facetime” deal where customers hand over their cellphone to the bartender and receive 20% off of their total bill. {Real interaction – Who’s up for the challenge?} Looking for live music while enjoying your cold one? You can catch local bands playing hit tunes on the weekends. Check the Slainte Public House Facebook page for an updated tap menu and live music schedule.

The future for the Slainte Public House is bright in Downtown Georgetown. With the warmer months fast approaching, the Nunn’s look forward to reopening their outside patio for picnics and lively music. The Pub’s upstairs area will open soon for additional seating and rentable event space. Oh and don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Pub’s big St Patrick’s Day event “Kegs & Eggs”! Enjoy a full day of Irish inspired food, music & beer, as well as Guinness pouring sessions and lots of giveaways! Contact Ashley for tickets at 859-797-3840 before they are all gone!

After learning about the kind people and the inspirational purpose behind the Pub, why not stop in? If you are interested in a quality beverage after a stressful workday or live music coinciding with cheery conversations on a Saturday night, the Slainte Public House should be your next downtown Georgetown destination.

The Slainte Public House is located at 320 E Main Street in downtown Georgetown and open Monday – Saturday from 3 to 11:45 p.m. You can visit their Facebook page @slaintepublichouse for the latest tap menu and event listings.

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