Love Your Downtown Georgetown: Chicks With Chai Takeover

Written by Chicks With Chai

It’s February. The month of love. We all have our own definitions and thoughts when it comes to love. We think about our significant others, our children and our families. But what about the love for your town? Have you thought about how to show your love to the town of Georgetown? This year, the Georgetown/Scott County Tourism Commission has come up with a way for you to show your love to downtown Georgetown in a unique and fun way!

Over 20 downtown businesses including restaurants, fashion boutiques and beauty salons have all decided to participate in the “scavenger hunt” of love. As you walk from store to store, you collect initials as you visit and meet new people who work and own the businesses in downtown Georgetown. After collecting eight signatures, your passport is considered complete and you can submit it for a chance to win the grand prize! But why stop at 8? There are over 20 places on there for you to visit, making that at least 20 new people you can meet!

Collecting Our Passports

As we walked into Miss Behaven on Saturday, the smell of home wafted through the air. We had simply gone in there to collect our passport and be on our merry way, but yeah right. That didn’t happen. The lovely woman at the front counter chatted with us for a bit as we made our way around the store. We found ourselves in the back perusing the sale rack… oh gosh. I am sure you can figure out what happened next!

We somehow ended up in Unique Gifts & More, one of our favorites. I think it is a rule that we can’t leave downtown Georgetown without walking in to see if Steven is working and what latest items he has for us to look at! A warm “hello” comes from behind the counter as we walk in. A welcoming smell hits our nose as we make our way to the back of the store. Unique Gifts & More is participating in the Love Your Downtown program and we wanted that signature! “It excites me to be a part of it,” said Steven Wiglesworth, owner of Unique Gifts & More. “It allows people to know all that is available in downtown Georgetown,” he said.

Surprisingly, Steven informed us that most of his shoppers are from out of town. “So hopefully this will get people out and get them to shop local,” he said. For sure! Why go to Lexington or Louisville when you have some of the cutest boutiques around in YOUR downtown Georgetown?

We look forward to exploring our downtown Georgetown and all it has to offer. I am sure we will collect more than 8 signatures! We hope you will participate and support your local economy and your local community.

Have fun!

This post was written by Chicks With Chai – Two local chicks blogging about all things Georgetown/Scott County. Visit their website or follow them on social media @chickswithchai to see what they are up to next!

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