For the Love of Pizza: The Creation of Fat Kats

Kathy Lyons grew up always wanting to run a pizza place. As a young girl in Ashland, KY there was a little pizza shop where she always wanted to work. On her 15th birthday, she started there, working there for ten years through high school and college.


Lyons went on to college and got a degree in Psychology, but never gave up her dream of owning a pizza place. As an adult, she held many different types of jobs from working in hotels in Florida to working in a steel mill for a summer.


“All of my previous jobs were preparation for teaching me how to run a business,” said Lyons.


When Lyons moved to Georgetown, she felt drawn to an old building thinking “That is supposed to be a pizza place.” Fat Kats was born – named after the nicest name her four brothers called her while she was growing up.


“I love Georgetown. It’s the perfect size. People here are happy and excited about the growth. I love the green spaces and its proximity to Lexington,” said Lyons.


Fat Kats has won several awards for their pizza including Best Pizza Midwest, Best Pizza in Central KY and Best Pizza in Georgetown, largely due to Lyons’ attention to quality. The dough recipe is her own, which she perfected while construction was done on the building.


Fat Kats has a sauce that no one else in the area has which they’ve made distinctive by adding spices. The cheese is high quality as well as the Ezzo pepperoni that is made in Columbus by a company that dry cures it. The appetizers are hand rolled at the time of order. Lyons takes pride in creating the best product for her customers.


“I like mentoring the kids who come in here to work. I teach them to work hard and make the best product they can, to take pride in their work. I feel good that when they leave here, they leave with a good work ethic,” said Lyons.


Fat Kats is the closest full service restaurant to the Kentucky Horse Park. The restaurant gets a lot of business from the Horse Park and advertises in their publications. Their pizzas were delivered there during the closing of the Equestrian Games.


“One of the things I love about working here is that people seek me out and express appreciation for how much they love the food and the place. I had a 91 year old come in here for her birthday because she wanted some good pizza and beer. I feel a real sense of pride by how much the community has embraced us,” said Lyons.


Fat Kats is located at 3073 Paris Pike. Their hours are Sun – Thurs 11-9 and Fri/Sat 11-10. Visit for more information.

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